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Welcome to Glenroy Browne's Funkional Martial Arts.

A True Non Attribute System that is Performance Based, which means that a smaller, weaker person must be able to hold his or her own against a bigger, stronger opponent.

And this fact will be proven under the pressure
of a fully resisting opponent.

What is Glenroy Browne's
Funkional Martial Arts

• A Submission Based System that makes safety and defense its utmost priority. The system is based on Positions that work and keeps safe the less athletic person in a confrontation and the system has Rules that makes the positions efficient and effective until an opportunity to escape or finish your opponent arises.

• A System that uses strikes intelligently and most times as a counter or as a distraction tool and has a preference to low line kicks.  This System’s main goal is to get to the clinch and to apply “The Controller” or a finishing move or sequence of moves to secure the upper hand in a conflict.

Funkional Martial Arts is a combination of The B.S.R. System and Combat Sports to create a versatile and effective self-defense program.

This system is a performance based system because a smaller, weaker, less athletic person needs away to survive against the superior athlete who can fight.

            But most important it is a system built around you as an individual.
                              We do not adjust or change you to fit the system
                                                We adjust the system to fit you.

Glenroy Browne:
Head instructor / coach

Glenroy Browne holds black belts in Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu and has trained extensively in many other styles like Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Muay Thai and has had some training in Aikido and JKD.

Funkional Martial Arts draws Techniques, Strategies
and Drills from these systems.


Dutch Style & Traditional
Muay Thai


Submission Grappling

The Funkional Martial Arts
Training Philosophy

I would prefer to know my limitations, rather than having a false sense of invincibility.  What that means is that I would prefer to know that I can beat a 250lb fighter, than get into a confrontation with one and then find out that I can't.

If you are interested in what works, then you can not accept something without proof.  If you do accept something without proof, then you are no longer looking for something that works. but instead fooling yourself with a delusion.

The ability to perform under pressure and adapt to your opponents strategy should  be your ultimate goal when training for the reality of combat and that will be based on your ability to stay calm in a chaotic situation.

Train for the Street, adjust for Sports and have fun Learning the Arts.  This is the most important Training Philosophy that you should live and train by.

How and why I do what I do?

What I have is a core group of positions that do not need athletic ability to be effective and then I integrate a core group of strategies that do not need any athletic ability to be effective and then as your athletic ability develops I add more techniques and strategies to your game.

So, when I teach, each student is taught as an individual and given the time to come into their own form of self protection that works for them under the pressure of a resisting opponent.

All the techniques come from moves that are used and proven to work in combat sports.  People always ask is there a difference between sport and street the answer is yes, but the truth is the person who would win in the street fight is the same person who would win in an MMA event when it comes right down to it.

The only way that out come would change is during the verbal and pre-emptive strike stage, was your attack and finish effective or after first contact is made is your survival strategy effective that's it, that is the bottom line no secret moves or mystical techniques.

                                    Without a superior strategy the superior athlete will win 95% of the time.

Why is that?

Well, what type of a person usually does well in sports?

A highly competitive, motivated, pain tolerant, well conditioned and focused individual.

Now take that guy and tell him he can bite, eye gouge, pick something up and hit his opponent with it and you have an animal that most non-athletic people can not handle and that is why all this talk about just poke him in the eye and you will get away is a lot of B.S.

If you choose or are forced to fight someone like that then either your athletic ability is up there with your opponent or else your survival strategy better be far superior to their drive to want to kick your butt.

So, with this type of understanding as part of the foundation the training methods are a little different than other clubs, but I know that when you get it and understand what you are doing your ability to protect yourself is limited only by your imagination and physical attributes.

I have a saying?

                                                      If I can't make you good, then I will have to make you strong so that

                                                             you could be the superior athlete in the confrontation.

What Do I Teach?

I teach and drill the Fundamentals and the techniques and habits that you will need to survive in all ranges of combat.

I teach Combat Sports such as MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Submission Grappling, Dutch Style & Traditional Muay Thai.

I teach The B.S.R. System for self protection and is the foundation for The Funkional Martial Arts program.

Why?  because this system is based only on efficient and effective techniques and strategies for self protection that work for the smaller, weaker and less athletic person caught up in a confrontation with a bigger, stronger more athletic opponent.

                      I develop Intelligent Combat Athletes. 

The Combat Sports Program

Below are competitive sporting events that I teach and train in
to become a complete, intelligent, athletic competitor.

I believe that sporting events are a great outlet and avenue to test your abilities against another person who should be an equally trained competitor.

Funkional Martial Arts teaches and drills into you what you need to know
in order for you to become a successful competitor.

If your corner team is needed to tell you what to do in an event you should not be in the cage, ring or on the mats the only reason you should need a corner team is to help calm you down, offer advise as to what's happening in the fight and to get you ready for the next round.


Dutch Style Muay Thai


Submission Grappling


I would also like to take this time to say thanks to those of you that are taking the time to do so and please email me any questions you may have.

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