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Healthy Choices
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Staying Hydrated, Having a proper diet and lowering
your stress levels is life changing

Your body is more water than
it is anything else.

Did you know that nothing in your body works without water not digestion, no movements, no healing, no feelings, not even a thought.

Why?  Because we are one big biochemical reaction and everything that happens in our body is a biochemical reaction and for there to be a biochemical reaction there needs to be a solvent and in our bodies that solvent is water.

So, there is no question that there is nothing more important you could do for your body than to keep it adequately hydrated. 

Why are you sick?

This video answers the question why even when you are doing a lot of the right things to be healthy "Why do you still get sick?" 

This video will also explain to you why Kangen Water is the best type of water out there for the human body.

If you would like to see the properties of Kangen Water demonstrated I would love to do a demo for you.

Tap Water and Bottled Water

Although well regulated in order to distribute water all the way to everyone's tap, chlorine, fluoride, ammonia and phosphoric acid are added to get the water to meet Canadian Standards for drinking water.

Many bottled waters are just filtered tap water with microplastic in the water and other contaminents that are not regulated.  Both of these types of water are unhealthy for your body and bottled water cost more with no real health benefits.

You can drink for health or you
can drink for sickness

Most of today's foods and popular drinks are very acidic which means you are over taxing your body's ability to remove toxins from your body, basically you are poisoning yourself slowly.

When your body has run out of ways to store the waste products you keep putting in you will die from some named disease.

There are no diseases out there.  There is just your body demonstrating the affects of Dehydration, Acidosis and Oxidation.

The Health Program

Hydrate with healthy water to hydrate the body, to detoxify the body and to slow down the oxidative process in the body.

A Healthy Diet to put the proper amounts of nutrition into the body and to try to cut down on the amount of waste products being put into the body.

Exercise and lower stress levels through martial arts training.  Exercise will get the body fit and get the blood moving to deliver nutrition to the whole body and to get the waste by-products out of the cells to be eliminated from the body and martial arts training is also a great way to release stress because stress is one of the worst things for the body and causes thousands of problems for the body.

For a demo and an explanation as to why this works just call or email.